Airfield marking

The Airfield marking at Airports is one of the main activities of PROYSESA. It should be noted that during the last five years, around 90% of the tracks, taxiways and airport aprons that were painted in Spain were marked by Proysesa.

During the last 15 years, because of our constant desire to improve the Airfield marking at airports, we have developed and introduced new techniques in the implementation of the paintings, like the application of both hands in tracks of new asphalt , getting a minimization of the effects of curing and shrinkage of the asphalt, during the process of painting drying on new pavements.

We also have been pioneers and promoters of the technique of applying a lacquer , prior to marking, on concrete surfaces (apron) getting a greater adhesion of paints.

We have also developed a specific paint formulation that meets the demanding airports Standard INTA16.44.15 A

The marking equipments of PROYSESA are able to paint stripes one meter wide, keeping the consistency of the paint and glass spheres.