Texture of surfaces

PROYSESA perform textured work in order to ensure good microtexture (related to the nature of the aggregates) particularly in roads and runways with wet conditions, which ensures that the friction between tire and surface is fine, avoiding the aquaplaning and hydroplaning. The entire surface of the wheel is out of contact with the surface pavement. The wheel loses its ability to develop the necessary friction values ​​for deceleration and control the direction of the vehicle or aircraft.

This causes the loss of traction even at low speeds due to the effect of viscosity that do not let the water to escape beneath the tire contact patch. This phenomenon can occur either by a thick layer of rubber (runways) or because the aggregate of the surface layer has been polished by the effect of traffic. (Roads and runways).

The texturing work can be performed by two different systems, the use of either is determined by the characteristics of the pavement, weather conditions, time available for work, etc..
    • Shot Blasting system

    • High Pressure Water System