CRT recovery

1.- Hidrodesbaste Method (High pressure water)

In order to restore or increase the transverse friction coefficient (CRT) on the pavement of tunnels, roads and streets, Proysesa uses "Hidrodesbaste method", applying high pressure water (2000-2500 atm.)
By using this method, the values ​​of CRT, are not under 65, reaching a minimum average value of 70 for each km. executed.

The causes of lossing CRT can be varied:

- Accumulation of excess bitumen that covers the aggregate. Bitumen which does not let the tire contact with the aggregate.

- Erosion of the existing pavement. By heavy traffic, age of the pavement, weather conditions, etc..

The high pressure water equipment combines four main elements for optimal results.

  • Injected pressure.

  • Water flow.

  • Speed of the injectors.

  • Forward speed of the vehicle.

 Proysesa has used this method in more than 200,000 square metres in the tunnels of the Calle 30 at Madrid getting satisfactory results for the company responsible for maintaining these facilities.

2.- Shot blasting

The work is performed by a shot blasting equipment, 80 cms. working width.

Our shot blasting machines have centrifuges turbines inserted to the cleaning heads. By high speed rotation, the turbine releases a blast on the surface. The abrasive and contaminants are absorbed by a suction system. Also, the equipment have a magnetic system that minimizes the dispersion of the abrasive, that minimum dispersion is collected by magnetic brooms.
This is an environmentally friendly system to work without dust, producing minimal waste.
The machine, using the built-in vacuum system, collect all resulting powder from cleaning, and then the waste is placed in containers located near the work area.
Immediately behind the cleaning equipment, a powerful magnet is used to get any blast remaining ; so the surface is perfectly clean right after work.
We use prismatic or round metal blast, depending on the results obtained at each work .
Performance will be between 250 and 400 m2 / hour.

CRT recovery work video