Rubber removal

PROYSESA keeps the friction coefficient values of the runways at the airports   ​​recommended by OACI (Above 0.52), removing periodically the rubber deposits accumulated at the runways, because of the wheels impacts from the aircrafts  during landing operations.

The works of rubber removal are realized by two different systems, the use of eitherone, is determined by the characteristics of the pavement, amount of rubber, weather, time available for work ....

1.-Shotblasting System

This method of shot blasting, has been applied in almost all the Spanish airports with satisfactory results.
Our shot blasting machines have centrifuges turbines inserted to the cleaning heads. By high speed rotation, the turbine releases a blast on the surface. The abrasive and contaminants are absorbed by a suction system. Also, the equipment have a magnetic system that minimizes the dispersion of the abrasive, that minimum dispersion iscollected by magnetic brooms.
PROYSESA Shot Blasting Machines have the following characteristics:

BLASTRAC machines are manufactured in Germany, equipped with phase electric motors (380 volt) and with a working width of 80 cms., performing  between 300 and 500 m2 per hour, and depending on the amount of rubber to remove and characteristics of the pavement.

The equipment and a generator, are installed on trucks, so they have great agility of movement.
These machines can leave the runway in less time than two minutes.
The environmental impact of the shot blasting system is null, because we recover the 100% of the blast and debris generated, later the inert powder is transported to authorized dumps.

2.-High pressure water system

During 2018, PROYSESA upgraded the high pressure water truck for rubber removal work . This equipment uses the best German technology in high-pressure water.

This rubber removal equipment is installed on a truck MERCEDES.
It consists of a KAMAT high pressure pump , 7000 hp, driven by a MAN engine of 800 hp and can work at pressures till 2,500 atmospheres.
It has a vacuum system, using two powerful turbines, which allows to collect all water poured on the track along with the rubber waste.
During these years this equipment has work removing rubber on runways at the airports of Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Seville and more,getting  satisfactory results for the  airport authorities.

Ruber removal work video